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Chow Time!

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Snow, Snow, Snow

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Goodnight Moon

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24 Karat Kid

heavensent_small.jpg (2057 bytes)

Heaven Sent

impuzzled_small.jpg (3277 bytes)

I'm Puzzled???

grandpasgirl_small.jpg (3212 bytes)

Grandpa's Girl

lookwhos1_small.jpg (2917 bytes)

Look Who's 1

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entry7.jpg (49649 bytes)

Baby Allee

entry8.jpg (57052 bytes)

Allee's in the Tub (L)

entry8a.jpg (56743 bytes)

Allee's in the Tub (R)

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1sthaircut.jpg (53216 bytes)

My 1st Haircut

sweet&sassy.JPG (87225 bytes)

Sweet and Sassy

firsthaircut.JPG (64851 bytes)

First Haircut

grow(l).jpg (107669 bytes)

Watch Me Grow (L)

grow(r).jpg (115707 bytes)

Watch Me Grow (R)

black&white.JPG (150970 bytes)

3 Months Old

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Under Construction

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junglel_small.jpg (3090 bytes)

Jungle Stud (L)

jungler_small.jpg (3274 bytes)

Jungle Stud (R)

Star_is_Born_small.jpg (3826 bytes)

A Star is Born

goofing_small.jpg (3686 bytes)

Goofing Off at Grandma's

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sneak.jpg (91343 bytes)

Sneak Preview (L)

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Sneak Preview (R)

lncpg~.jpg (58361 bytes)

Baby Lance

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Rough Night

bestday.jpg (93285 bytes)

Best Day of My Life

maxhands.jpg (98566 bytes)

Max's Hands (L)

maxhand2.jpg (88709 bytes)

Max's Hands (R)

wobble.jpg (67517 bytes)

1st Toddler Wobbler

bubble~1.jpg (52770 bytes)

Bubble Boy

dirt1.jpg (60193 bytes)

I Love Dirt (L)

dirt2.jpg (67237 bytes)

I Love Dirt (R)

sleeping_Braden1_copy_small.jpg (2639 bytes)

Counting Sheep

boyblue.jpg (19368 bytes)

Little Boy Blue

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Rub A Dub Dub (L)

rubadub2.jpg (22462 bytes)

Rub A Dub Dub (R)



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