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Dry Embossing in Scrapbooks

Looking for new techniques to try in your scrapbook?  Think about adding dry embossing to your next scrapbook page.  Dry embossing is an easy technique that involves making the paper raised to give it dimension.  This technique can add texture and subtle elegance to your page.  Here's how to do it.


dry embossing stylus.  This is a simple instrument that has a handle with 2 little "knobs" on either end.  One knob is usually small and the other larger.
light table or window
chalks or colored pencils if desired


1. Place the stencil on the light table or up on the window in the day time.   Light tables are easiest to use, but using a window works well if you are just playing around to see if you like doing it before investing in a light table

2. Lay your paper on top of the stencil in the desired position with the "front" of your paper towards the stencil. You should be looking at the backside of your paper.

3. Press the dry embossing tool on the paper where the cut out portion of the stencil is, tracing over the design. Use the large or small end of the embossing tool depending on the size of the design piece that you are tracing over. When you are done, you will have a pretty raised effect on the front side of your card or scrapbook page.

That's all there is to it! Now that you know the simple technique, here's the fun part: applying dry embossing in your scrapbook. There are lots of different ways to use it in your scrapbook. Here are just a few:

Emboss patterns on the background of your page.
You can also emboss ovals and other shapes on your page where you are going to mount your pictures.  You can mount your picture inside the embossed area.
Emboss borders on your pages!  You can use any border stencils that you might have or get special border stencils from a variety of companies. 
Add subtle color onto borders that you have dry embossed.  Just use decorator chalks or colored pencils to shade the raised area after you embossed.  It is gorgeous! Markers don't work nearly as well because the color is usually too overpowering.
Try embossing a box (or other shape) on smaller pieces of cardstock to use for journaling or titles.  You can emboss classic looking ovals or rectangles or try some other creative shapes like hearts and stars...whatever fits your journaling theme!

Dry embossing is a beautiful technique. It is fitting for many scrapbook pages, but this technique is especially appropriate for wedding, antique and heritage albums where you want a very classic look. It is so easy to use and doesn't require a lot of expensive materials. Give it a try on your next page!

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