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How to Rubber Stamp in Your Scrapbook

By Just Stamp It!

Scrapbooking and rubber stamping are two great hobbies that compliment each other. Rubber stamps are so easy to use in a scrapbook and provided lots of creativity and flair. Rubber stamps are also an economical addition to your scrapbook because you can reuse them. Stickers and die cuts can be expensive and really add up quickly. Here are just a few things you need to know if you are new to "stampbooking"


The first thing that you need is stamps! There are many different styles of stamps available. The great thing about rubber stamping in scrapbooks is that you can choose whatever stamps reflect your own personal style. Some stamps that are particularly useful for scrapbooking are: texture stamps for creating your own background papers, border stamps for creating beautiful borders on your pages, frame stamps for framing pictures, alphabet stamps for title and journaling.

Ink pads are the next most important item you will need. These are discussed in detail in the next section.

One invaluable tool is a stamp positioner. This handy device helps you place stamps exactly where you want them with no guessing or eyeballing it involved.

If you plan on embossing in your scrapbooks you will want to invest in embossing pads or markers, embossing powder and a heating device. Embossing is a technique that is safe for scrapbooks as long as you don’t apply heat near the pictures.


You want your scrapbook to be long-lasting and a safe environment for your photographs and collectibles. Therefore, you need to use inks that are permanent, acid-free, and lightfast (won’t fade) both for your pens and your ink pads. There are many different types of inks on the market. Pigment inks fit the all of the criteria for your scrapbooks. They are acid free, permanent, lightfast and colorfast. Dye inks are acid free but will fade. If you don’t want to invest in very many ink pads when you start stamping, you can also use pigment markers, preferably with brush tips. When you use markers you can color right on the stamp. This is a fun technique that offers many possibilities. Just make sure that you "huff" on the stamp before stamping to moisten it.


The technique for stamping is so easy!

You apply the ink on the stamp either from a stamp pad or markers. Make sure that the stamp is thoroughly covered in ink before stamping.
Position the stamp using your positioner or by eyeballing it and then press down evenly. Don’t rock the stamp or it could make the image smeared or blurry.
Lift the stamp straight up so that you don’t smear the image. Re-ink the stamp between each application.

Stamp Care

Taking care of your stamps is simple. It is important that you clean your stamps after each use and after each color. Just blot them on a damp cloth or paper towel until all of the ink is off. You can also use a damp tooth brush to clean out the intricate parts. Never get the wood mount wet! Never use rubbing alcohol or baby wipes to clean the stamps as they will dry out the rubber and could ruin it. Commercial stamp cleaners are also available.

That’s all there is to rubber stamping in scrapbooks! It’s so easy and very rewarding. Let your imagination run wild and you will be creating beautiful scrapbook pages to treasure forever. Happy stamping and scrapping!

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