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Reflections of You

Sometimes I look back at my scrapbooks from "the early years" and simply die!  I am appalled at some of the things I used in my scrapbooks or the way I used them!  I find myself thinking, "That page is so ugly!" or   "That page is way too busy."  I have even been too embarrassed to show off some of my scrapbooks to my creative friends.  In my moments of extreme embarrassment, I have frantically pulled out some pages and re-done them.

But, I have recently had a change in philosophy.  I have come to realize that my scrapbooks tell as much about me as they do my family and the memories that I am preserving. They show reflections of me. They show insights into myself that I had never realized! Here are some examples.  About 2 months ago I sat down with a friend and looked through my scrapbooks with her. I found myself noticing that there was patterns in my scrapbooks. I always seem to have more than 1 page in progress at a time (I just can't help myself! Hee! Hee!) I noticed that I tend to keep my pages fairly simple too.  I am a perfectionist and I have a folder of pages that are just not quite right that I am waiting for that perfect inspiration to finish.  I could look at my scrapbook and could tell when I bought my corner punch and used it on practically every page!  I noticed that there was a dramatic change in the quality of the pictures I was taking and realized it happened about the time my husband had bought that photography book for me that I had been wanting.  Those pages really do reflect myself and my personal style, along with it's evolution.  Yes, even those novice beginner pages that I cringe at, tell a story about me, learning a new hobby that has grown into a passion.  

I for one have decided to never re-do a page again.  Even if I am embarrassed at my pages from my early years as a scrapbooker, they tell something about me that I would like my children to see. I want my children to look through these scrapbooks and see that they don't have to be perfect at something right away.  I want them to learn that it takes time to learn a new skill!  I want them to learn as much about me from these scrapbooks as they do about our family memories.  I want that reflection of me to live on in my scrapbooks.

Happy Scrapbooking!

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