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Welcome to Scrappin' Secrets!

Everyone we talk to seems to love new scrapbooking tips and hints about how to make things easier, or about how to get new uses out of other supplies. This page showcases great scrapbooking ideas that we've heard from friends and readers.  We're sure that many of you have great ideas of your own and we'd love to hear them.  We will update this list of tips with each edition, so come back often for inspiration!

We have divided our tips and secrets into 5 separate pages to make it easier to read through the tips you are interested in.  The categories highligthed with the "New" icon contain tips newly added with the most recent update to the Scrappin' Secrets area. Click on one of the categories below:

smallnew.gif (926 bytes)Journaling and Lettering Secrets
smallnew.gif (926 bytes)Organization Secrets
smallnew.gif (926 bytes)Photo Secrets
smallnew.gif (926 bytes)Technique Secrets
smallnew.gif (926 bytes)Tool Secrets


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