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Taming the Journaling Monster

Have you ever worked hard on a scrapbook page and when it's finally done, say, "Oops!  Where is the journaling?" Sometimes journaling is the hardest part of putting the page together.  We don't like our handwriting or just don't know what to say!! However, journaling is one of the most important parts of a scrapbook page. Pictures speak a thousand words, but sometimes it's just not enough without the history behind the photos! If it's so important and yet so hard, what's a scrapbooker to do? Hopefully after reading this article, you can tame the journaling monster! No more fear about journaling! Here are some fun easy ways to journal in your scrapbooks without any stress!

talkl_small.jpg (3002 bytes)List It!  That's right...just make a list! List personality qualities of the person in the picture, reasons why you and a friend are buddies, your personal top 10 lists, or anything you can think of! Jen C. from Seattle listed all the words her daughter could say on this layout shown here.  I'm working on a layout of my son eating his first solid foods and I'm listing all of his favorite foods.  Will he believe that squash was his favorite when he is 16?  I don't think so and the memory will be priceless!
Write a Letter. Sometimes the words flow easier if you think of journaling as writing a letter. Just pretend you are writing a letter to a close family member or friend about the event. Sometimes, I admit that I have actually "cut" portions of emails to Grandma about an event and printed it out to include on a scrapbook page.  Presto! My journaling was done!  You can even keep the entire letter format in your journaling, including the "Dear...."  I've written letters to my children or spouse and included them on layouts.  It's so easy to do.
Make a Recipe!  Include all of the "ingredients" or important details that were part of the occasion in a recipe format. Here's one for example: "Put all cousins together in a backyard. Mix in sprinklers, water balloons, and lots of sunshine. Set temperature to 95 degrees. Let play until sunburned!"  It's a fun and creative way to tell all of the details about the day!
sleeping Braden1 copy.jpg (34069 bytes)Say it with a Song.  Music has a great power to it and words to songs often conjure up a lot of emotion and memories. So, why not include the words to a song on your page?  This is a great journaling technique to include on School Prom pages, Baby lullaby pages, Anniversary pages etc! On this page I included my favorite song that I sing to my son with these pictures of him sleeping.
Question, Question!  Be a reporter! Simply ask a question like, "What was your favorite thing about Disneyland?" or "What do you like to do best when you are at Grandma's?" And then include the person's answer. I love using this question technique because then I don't have to think of what to write! Another bonus is that it gets someone else's perspective into your journaling.

So, there are a few quick ideas to help you tame the journaling monster.  Once you try a few of these techniques you'll find that he's really just a pussy cat!

Happy Scrapbooking!

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