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Products by Tidy Crafts

Tidy Crafts is the maker of a variety of different craft storage tools.  Their products can help you keep an organized work space....which is what we all need! Here is some information about a few of their products.

untitled.jpg (21618 bytes)Carousel Craft Organizer
This storage unit contains 12 individual round storage containers that fit into a large round carousel. These individual containers are small, but would be perfect for storing punched items (I am always looking for better ways to store those) or other small accessories. In the middle of the carousel is a space to store scissors, pens or any other larger tools.  A nice feature of the carousel organizer is that you may purchase multiple carousels and stack them to save space!

PurpTrayStamp.jpg (95935 bytes)Tidy Trays
Tidy Trays are a handy tool for keeping things right where you want them as you work.

These trays are unique because at one end there is a funnel type opening. They keep your project contained and then the funnel allows you to easily put it away!

My favorite way to use the Tidy Tray is to place my scrapbook page or card in the tray and emboss it!  Then I just lift out my paper and dump the excess powder back into the container through the little funnel!  It's so slick!  These trays are great for using anytime you need control over small items, like catching punched items or controlling confetti, beads, sand, glitter etc.  I also like to flip it over and use it as a lap tray.  The Tidy Tray is available in 2 sizes:

A small 6"x8" tray
A larger 10"x14" tray

For more information on these and other products made by Tidy Crafts, you may contact them at:

Tidy Crafts
1330 Enterprise
Idaho Falls, ID 83402

Phone: 1-800-245-6752
Web: www.tidycrafts.com


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