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Creative Ways to Use a Circle Cutter!

    Do you have a circle cutter? This handy tool is the best way to make great looking circles time and time again. But circle cutters aren't just for circles anymore! I am a big advocate for finding multiple uses for one tool. That way you get more "bang for the buck" and your scrapbooking budget can stretch further. Circle cutters are one of those tools that be used to make multiple shapes and objects for your scrapbook. Below are just a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing. Hopefully these ideas will help you find multiple ways to use your circle cutter and get more use from it. Let your imagination flow and think of all the great shapes you can make from circles!  Have fun!

  1. Decorate it!  This is probably the easiest way to manipulate those perfect circles into different objects.  Cut a circle the desired size and then draw on it, add stickers to it, glue other shapes on it and the list goes on.  Here are a few examples:

    On a scrapbook page with a sports theme, take a circle and turn it into a basketball or baseball simply by drawing appropriate lines on it! 

    chowtime_small.jpg (4198 bytes)Turn your circle into a divided plate, by drawing 3 lines on it, or decorating the edge just like your dishes at home! Here's an example of making your circle look like a plate: 

    Another idea is to add "seeds" to a half circle to make a watermelon. Or add dark brown circles made with a hole punch to make a circle into a chocolate chip cookie.

    Add a square pat of "butter" on top of a circle along with some "syrup" drawn on and you have a pancake!

    A circle could become a globe or planet just by adding the continents or drawing the rings around Saturn etc.

  2. Cut it in Half!  Sounds simple doesn't it?  And it really is. Think of all the ladybugs_small.jpg (3847 bytes)shapes that you can make from a half circle.  A watermelon slice?  Butterfly wings? A bowl?  Look around you and you will find lots of things that are the shape of half of a circle.  This is a darling page created by Jennifer C., from Washington where she made ladybugs by combining a black circle and 2 half circles of red and black half circles.  Isn't it easy to make new designs with your circle cutter?

  3. Combine it with other shapes.  This is so easy too.  Sometimes a circle is just part of a larger object. For example, you can add a handle to a circle to create a baby rattle.  Here are a few more ideas.

    Take a circle and use it as the center of a flower.  Add other circles around it as petals and then a green long strip as a stem.

    Make a jack-o-lantern, by adding a stem and pieces for the face.

    How about making a pair of funky sunglasses by adding the handles and nose bridge to connect 2 circles together!

  4. Cut them in multiple pieces. Think of the circle as being able to be sliced into multiple pieces.  You can use, quarters, sixths, eights etc. For example you can cut a circle into sixths to look like slices of pizza (with "pepperoni" circles on top of course!)  Use a slice of a circle to create an ice cream cone with 3 circles on top as ice cream.  It's a snap!

    We hope these ideas got you started.  You can let your creative side take over from here and come up with lots of new and great ways to use your circle cutter!

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