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Embossing...with a Twist!

Dry embossing is an elegant and easy way to add flair to your craft projects. The raised designs are subtle and eye catching. If you love embossing or would like to give it a try, here is a fun twist to standard embossing. It involves using the Empressor Guide and tool to create embossed stripes, plaids, checkerboards and a myriad of other designs with ease.

What is the Empressor guide? The Empressor guide is a 12x12 thick plastic mat with grid lines on it (in 1/2 inch increments in one direction and 1/4 inch increments in the other direction for versatility). You can use the tool which is similar to an embossing tool to embossing designs on your papers. Here's how to use it:

  1. emboss step1.JPG (21348 bytes)First, take your cardstock or vellum and place it on the Empressor guide. Place your cardstock on the mat, having it hang off the edge of the mat (I like to have it hang off the edge about 1/2 an inch - use the grid on the mat to help guide you).

  2. Take the Empressor tool and drag it along the edge of the mat to emboss a line in the cardstock.

    emboss step2.JPG (23989 bytes)Keep moving your cardstock every 1/2 inch and embossing again etc. You can turn your cardstock 90 degrees and do it again to make it plaid designs etc. Or, you could emboss 1 stripe around each edge to make a border. Let your imagination go wild!

(Tip: If you are left handed, start with the paper hanging off the left side of the guide and move the paper and embossing towards the left.)



contempo country.jpg (27130 bytes)To add an additional flair to your project, try turning the cardstock right side up so the raised part is up and sand it!! You can sand it with sandpaper or use a palm sander to make it go really fast if you are doing a lot of it. By lightly sanding it you accentuate the embossed design and make it stand out. As in this example.

Give the Empressor mat a try. You'll find yourself addicted to embossing!


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