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Embossing 101

Embossing is the method of making an image raised. It is a wonderfully elegant look and easy to do. Embossing can give your project a touch of class. You need just a few simple supplies and the steps are easy. Here is the low down on how to emboss.

bridal card.JPG (19150 bytes)Supplies Needed:

*Tinted embossing ink
*Embossing powder

Tinted embossing ink is preferred over regular stamping ink because it is specially formulated to stay moist longer so that you have plenty of time to emboss the design. Also, this ink has a slight blue tint so you can see where you have stamped. It dries clear when heated.

Embossing powder is a fine grain powder that melts when heated. Close to My Heart offers embossing powders in approximately 30 beautiful colors that coordinate with our color line.

copyrightsm.gif (2902 bytes)


  1. Stamp your desired image with tinted embossing ink.
  2. Sprinkle embossing powder over the image and tap off the excess. I like to use our craft tray (#1764 Craft Tray, $7.95) when embossing to catch the excess powder. Then I simply shake the excess powder back into the jar through the funnel end of the craft tray. No mess!
  3. Heat set the powder with a craft heater. As the embossing powder is heated you can watch it melt. Make sure that you keep the tool moving over the paper to avoid over melting any one particular area. That's all there is to it!

colors of spring.JPG (20056 bytes)Additional Tips and Ideas:

  1. Using multiple embossing powder colors is easy. Simple stamp and emboss one color. Then stamp and emboss the next etc. It's a great way to take advantage of the beautiful colors of embossing powders available as seen in the sample card here.
  2. When embossing keep a fine paintbrush or cotton swap on hand to brush away excess powder that make stick around your design. Do not blow on it to remove extra bits of powder or you may also blow it off the design.
  3. You can use an Embossing Pen (#Z724, $2.95) to crate your own design to be embossed. You can use this pen which has both fine and bullet tips to hand write messages or titles, draw details to be embossed or touch up mistakes in embossed designs.
  4. I often hold my project with a wooden clothespin or pair of tweezers while embossing to prevent my fingers from becoming too hot.

copyrightsm.gif (2902 bytes)


For more advanced embossing, check out the embossed tag instructions here. I hope you enjoy the beautiful look of embossing.


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