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postage floral.jpg (29890 bytes) Faux Postage

Simply, Faux postage is a way of making your stamped project look like postage stamps. It is a fun little technique that is very easy to do, but it makes your artwork standout! Here's how.




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Step 1

postage template1.jpg (116980 bytes)Start with making your "stamp" outline. I simply create a table in my word processor like this one. You can create the table any size that you want with as many "stamps" as you want. This example has two "stamps." After designing your table in your word processor, change the borders of the tables from a solid line into dots to resemble the perforations on a postage stamp. Print out your "stamp."


Step 2

postage template.jpg (8610 bytes)Now printout your "stamp" again on copier paper or an overhead transparency acetate. This will be your stencil. The overhead transparency is nice because it is see-through and easy to line up, but copier paper works well also. With this stencil copy, cut out the centers of the "stamps" about 1/8 inch inside the lines as shown in this example.


asian postage.jpg (231448 bytes)Step 3

Lay your stencil over your "stamp" and create your design. You can stamp a stand alone image in each stamp as shown in this example. Or you could make your entire stamp block one design as shown in the example at the beginning. I like to sponge in background color around your image to make the white space around the edge that mimics real stamps obvious. You can also add little accents such as 37 cent markings in the corners etc to add to the postage stamp look. Take a look at the stamps at the post office the next time you go for lots of ideas that you can mimic.  The possibilities are endless.

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