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How to use Liquid Glass

"Liquid glass? What's that?" you may be asking. It's a fun new product just added to our 2005 Fall catalog and you are going to love it! Liquid glass is an easy product to make images shine, look 3-D, and pop off the page! You can add liquid glass to any stamped image or even My Stickease.  Basically, all you have to do is squeeze it out to cover the desired area and that's it! Here are a few tips on how to use this product effortlessly:

1. Don't shake the bottle! When you shake the bottle it add bubbles and makes the surface less smooth when you squeeze it out. If you have bubbles, gently squeeze a little out onto a scrap paper so that you can get the air bubbles out before your start your project.

2. Be sure to clean off the tip each time you use it so you don't get globs of it stuck to the outside.

3. It's best to keep the liquid flowing from the bottle instead of stopping and starting. Move your hand holding the bottle over the area you want to cover; this helps keep you from building air bubbles in the work. If bubbles form, use the tip of a toothpick to pop the bubbles.

4. Allow time to dry. 10-15 minutes depending on the thickness. If it's really thick let it sit longer.

5. Add sparkle to the liquid glass. Use the liquid glue like normal then sprinkle with glitter while wet.

6. To get a fun textured look, stamp tone on tone and then go back and put liquid glass on the the stamped areas. It makes a fun look.

7. It's also the perfect adhesive for our sculpting foam. Regular adhesives do not hold well when using sculpting foam or Makin's Clay, but a little glob of the liquid glass makes a great adhesive.

8. You can squeeze out circles onto waxed paper and make your own clear pebbles. You can use them to put over stamped images, or make bubbles for a fish etc. Very fun.

9. If you are using liquid glass on an image that will but cut out, first stamp the image, apply liquid glass, and then cut out after drying. If you cut out the image before applying the liquid glass, the paper may curl. 

Have fun using liquid's so easy! Here are some samples:

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