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Stamping With Makinís Clay

Makin's Clay is a fun new way to make dimensional accents for your scrapbook pages or cards. It's a fun, easy to use clay that doesn't need baking. Here are a few tips and ideas on how to use this fun clay. Even kids can do it!

Tips for Using Makin's Clay

  1. First, take a small piece of Makin's Clay and roll it into a ball. Then roll it on a counter or flat surface with a rolling pin. You may choose to roll it between two pieces of waxed paper if you prefer. I like to roll mine fairly thin, to about 1/8 inch.

  2. After rolling your piece of clay out, make sure you wrap the extra back up. I wrap mine tightly in plastic wrap and then seal it in a small ziplock bag, squeezing out excess air. Since this clay air dries, you want it exposed to the least amount of air possible. 

  3. The clay takes approximately 24 hours to dry.  And when it is dry, it will not be rock hard.  This is a great asset!  For example, you can still bend the shapes slightly, trim a clay square that was a little too big with a pair of scissors, etc. It's so nice that it's forgiving!

Now comes the fun get to play with it! Here are few fun things you can do with the clay.

Fun Ways to Use Makin's Clay 

  1. Cut it into shapes: You can use small cookie cutters or a knife it cut the clay into fun shapes. Then you can stamp with it anyway you want. To create a charm to hang from waxy flax or ribbon just cut the clay into the desired shape. Then using a small skewer, poke a hole at the top to be able to thread it. Let dry.

  2. Stamp onto plain white clay: Use an inked stamp to stamp your design. You can do this while the clay is soft so that it impresses the design also. Or, you can let the clay dry and then stamp on it flat. You can also stamp a design on soft, fresh clay using an uninked stamp to simply make an impression in the clay. See the Clay Seashell card for an example.

  3. Color Your clay:  You can add color to the white clay by taking a small ball of clay and dabbing it onto your ink pads.  This will pick up enough ink to tint your clay to a light-to-medium intensity color.  It is fun to do this with our metallic inks to pick up a little metallic shine. 
  4. For more intense color: Use our reinkers to drop a few drops of ink directly into a small amount of clay, and knead the ink into the clay. Mix it until the color is even throughout the clay. Start by adding small amounts of can always add more if needed. Be careful!  This may color your hands also so always use rubber gloves when trying this process.




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