Quick Coloring with Stencils
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Quick Coloring with Stencils

Instead of using markers, chalks, colored pencils etc you can use your ink pads to color in stamps or add shading to solid stamps. It will cut your coloring time in half, you can get even more use out of your ink pads, and you will just love the look! Here's how:


  1. Create a stencil out of glossy cardstock. Always use Glossy Cardstock for stencils because it is sturdier and holds up better for repeated use.
  2. Look at your stamp to decide how many colors you will be using. You will need at least one stencil for each color.
  3. Always leave at least a 2 inch border around the outside of the paper and between each stencil on your page so that you don’t pull color off the edge or into an adjacent opening.
  4. On each stamped image, cut out all of the sections that will be one color with a cutting knife (Z533). Cut just outside of the stamped line so the color will go all the way to the edge.
  5. Use a round sponge, make-up wedges, sponge daubers or stipple brush to dab in the color. Just pick up some color from an ink pad and dab it in the opening in the stencil! It's that easy. Start light and then add more color to make it the desired intensity. To get darker colors, rub a makeup wedge across the opening instead of dabbing the color in.stencil.jpg (15922 bytes)

Adding shading to solid stamps

To use this technique to add shading to solid stamps complete the following steps as shown in the following example:

  1. Create a stencil as directed above. In this example the flower has 2 stencils to allow for cutting it to the center to create petals. The leaf has 2 stencils also; one for the outside of the leaf and one to add a vein line to the leaf.
  2. Stamp the sunflower in Sunflower ink and then pull a little bit of Autumn Terracotta ink just on the edges of the stencil to create petal definition. Stamp the leaves in second generation olive ink. Then add shading (pull just a bit of ink from the edges of the stencil) with olive ink.

It's so easy and makes a dramatic difference to your artwork. Here's an example of with and without shading using quick coloring with stencils.

sensation thankyou2.JPG (17875 bytes)     sensational thankyou.JPG (25286 bytes)

Before Shading                                                 After Shading.


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