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How to "Random" Stamp

Do you ever look at a project with stamping in an all over design and think, "Wow! How does it looks so even? Mine never looks that even!" I used to worry over my stamping not being even all the time...until I learned this little trick. With this handy little trick it make random stamping, planned, even, and perfect every time! Your projects will look perfect. Here is how to plan your "random" stamping! :)



1. Stamp one image in corner of your project. 





2. Add another stamping near it.





3. When you add your 3rd stamp, make a triangle shape from the other 2 stamps.




4. For stamp number 4, make another triangle from one side of the first triangle.  




5. Continue making "triangles" until you cover the paper. Forming triangles like this helps you space the stamped images evenly. Make sure as you fill your paper that you make some stamped images go off the edges of the paper. It adds to the continuity and makes it look more natural.




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