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Looking for Stamping Tips?

This is the place for stamping tips!  Here are just a few of the stamping tips that I've learned along the way. I hope these tips help you stamp easier and better just as they have helped me. If you have a tip that you would like to share, please feel free to email me at: CompanyEmail

  • Having problems with the adhesive showing through the vellum when you attach it?   Try attaching a bow or button on top of where you put your adhesive.  Or, you a corner slot punch to hold the vellum in place.
  • Make a matching envelope with your card! Use the same stamps and colors used on your card and stamp a border on the front or back of the envelope.  Or, stamp a single larger image on the back flap.  So many different ways to do it and it's very impressive!

  • Keep a small paintbrush or Q-Tip on hand when embossing to knock off any stubborn pieces of embossing powder that you don't want.
  • You can use the Large or Small Stripe stencils from Close To My Heart as a guide for writing in your scrapbook page. Makes for straighter lines and no lines to erase!
  • Hold a piece of cardboard behind velum or lightweight paper for support when embossing.
  • Try storing your embossing powders or prisma glitter in a Rubbermaid #10 container. It is the perfect width for standard card stock. I open the card up and insert it into the glitter and let it roll across my card. No more shaking it back into a little container when you are done!
  • When I am making a card or scrapbook layout and I'm having a hard time trying to get my stamped images in just the right spot, I cut the images out and move them around on my card until I get it the way I want it. I don't waste as much paper that way.


  • I've invested in the Iris mini chests on wheels (available at office supply stores). They have a variety of how many drawers and how big the drawers are. I prefer the six drawers. I use them to keep my stamp pads in one drawer, markers in another, embossing in another etc. I also categorize my stamps in different drawers too.
  • Do you ever get glitter everywhere when you use it? Scotch tape works well for removing glitter from stamps and ink pads or even your table space.
  • You can use a soft bristled tooth brush to clean the small detailed parts of your stamps.
  • Every time you make a cute card that you are proud of, make 1 or 2 more! That way you will have some on hand for the next time you need one. Plus, it's less time consuming to make several at the same time instead of having to get all of the materials another time.
  • I love the new chalk eraser for erasing unwanted mistakes when using the chalks. 


  • Store your ink pads upside down.  This keeps the ink at the surface of the ink pad.  To help me know what color the ink pad is, I stamp a small stamp with the ink and then tape it on the bottom of the ink pad.  That way I can scan the back of the ink pads to find the color I need!
  • Always clean your stamps right after using them.  There are many different ways to do it.  You could use a commercial stamp cleaner, a wet paper towel or rag placed on a plate, or even a wet sponge. 
  • To use my time effectively, I often stamp up images I need for upcoming projects and then take them with me to the doctor's office, swim lessons etc. and color them while I wait.
  • Get together with some friends on a regular basis to stamp.  It's a great way to share supplies and socialize; not to mention having a regular appointment makes it easier to schedule time to do something you love!
  • Here's a fun birthday idea. Stamp pictures that fit your party theme on glossy paper. Color them and cut them out. Then tape them on to a toothpick and poke them into the top of cupcakes. They are the cutest decorations and you can make them to fit whatever theme you want!  You can also use the stamps to make matching invitations, goodie bags etc.


  • Here's how to use prisma glitter: Use a clear liquid glue (Zig 2 Way glue from D.O.T.S. is perfect!) and apply to the stamped image after it is colored.  Sprinkle the glitter on liberally.   Shake off the excess, taping the paper to get more off.  Let it dry.   It's so simple. It adds a great effect.
  • When you stamp a card to give to someone, don't forget the envelope!  You could stamp on the back flap or the front or both!
  • You can make your own wrapping paper very inexpensively by buying large rolls of white or kraft colored paper and then stamping it up to match your occasion. A matching card finishes off the look!
  • If you store your stamps in drawers, make sure that you do not stack them more than 2 high.  Stacking them higher than this squishes the rubber on them and is not good for the stamp.
  • Put clear nail polish on the wooden mount part around the rubber (NOT on the rubber itself!) to help it stay clean from ink and other stains.  It helps your stamps continue to look new!

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