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Stamping Candles

This is a beautiful gift idea, especially for the holidays. You can easily stamp any designs and put them on a candle! Here's how:


Stamps and inks
Embossing Heat tool
Old spoon


1. Stamp your design on tissue paper. I like to use tissue paper that matches your candle. So if you have a white candle, use white tissue paper; ivory candle, use ivory tissue paper etc. However, you can experiment and get some fun looks by using contrasting tissue paper.

2. After stamping your design, color in with markers or colored pencils as desired. 

3. Cut out your images, leaving a white space around the images. It doesn't have to be exact or even as it will disappear when it is adhered to the candle (if you are using matching tissue paper).

4. Place your tissue piece in desired location on the candle.  

5. Now comes the fun part! Plug in your heat tool and stand it up on a table or counter. Turn it on. Now use the heat from the Embossing tool to heat up the flat back side of the spoon. Heat it for a few seconds.

6. Working in circular motions, now rub the back of the spoon over the tissue design. You will quickly see the wax start to melt and change color. This melts the wax just slightly so that it seeps through the tissue paper and adheres the tissue paper to the candle. You will not need to press hard with the spoon. I like to start in the middle and work out. Continue to heat the spoon and then rub over tissue design as many times as needed until all of the tissue paper is covered, especially the edges. That's it! It's really neat to see it in action. The wax will not be totally smooth again so don't think you've done it wrong. :)

7. These candles should be used for decorative purposes only.


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