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Using Conchos

As a customer once asked me “What are those fun little accents that are like “big round circles with little prongs?” They are called Conchos! Conchos are larger than brads or eyelets and are a fun new accessory to add spice to your projects. Use them as decorative accents or incorporate them into your project as centers of flowers, wheels on a bicycle etc. Oh what fun you’ll have with conchos. Here’s how to use them:

1.       Place your projects on your eyelet mat or self-healing craft mat with the right side of the project facing up. Place the conchos in the desired location with the prongs facing down.

2.       Tap the head of the concho with your eyelet hammer so that it punctures through the paper.

3.       Turn the project over and gently press the paper near the prongs until the concho is flush with the paper. Now use the ball part of your hammer or other flat round object to fold the prongs inward. I like to tap the back with the hammer to finish it off.

That’s it! It’s really easy. Don’t be shy and give it a try!


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