Using the Place-A-Stamp Tool
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Using the Place-A-Stamp Tool

The Place-A-Stamp Tool is a fabulous tool. It is an "L" shaped tool made of a clear plexiglass type of material and comes with a reusable plastic piece for stamping on. You can use this fabulous tool for placing images exactly where you want them, re-stamping incomplete images or lining up things such as letters and words. Here are just a few tips about how to use the Place-A-Stamp tool. You won't ever stamp without one again!

Images Where You Want Them

To use the Place-A-Stamp Tool, lay the piece of reusable plastic (or a sheet of vellum) inside the corner of the "L". Now stamp on it by placing the stamp squarely inside the same corner, keeping the stamp right to the edges. You have now stamped an image on the plastic. Now move the plastic on top of your project, so that it is placed where you want the final image to be. Line the tool back up with the plastic and then remove the plastic, keeping the tool still. Now line the stamp back into the tool and stamp! You will have a stamped image exactly where you want it. This is perfect for stamping line stamp over their solid counterparts, stamping nested images, or stamping an image in a larger "scene." It is a very simple tool to use.

Fixing Mistakes

Use the sames steps as above to correct mistakes in stamping such as an incomplete image. If you lift up a stamp and find that it was not stamped completely, don't throw it away and start again! Just grab your Place-A-Stamp Tool and follow the same directions as above to re-stamp over the original image. No one will ever be able to tell!

Lining Up Letters and Words

Creating a title and want the letters or words to line up straight? You can use the Place-A-Stamp Tool with any of our alphabet stamps or word stamps (sets such as S910 Words To Remember) to create straight and even titles. Use the Place-A-Stamp Tool as described above to make sure the words or letters are lined up where you would like them. Or you can use the straight long edge of the tool to stamp along, placing the stamps along the edge of the tool. Either method will work great!


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