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Weathered Paper

I love the look of texture paper. It gives dimension and interest to any card or scrapbook layout. You can make a simple card and make it "WOW" just by adding some texture. It's simple and easy to do. Here's how to weather your paper:

1. Spritz water on your cardstock. Be generous with the water you spray on. I like to work over a counter or sink.

2. Now gently start wrinkling and wading up your paper. Open it back up and wrinkle again. Continue until you get the desired amount of wrinkles. I like to work from a corner towards the middle. The paper is somewhat fragile when wet, so if you are not careful, you may get tears in the paper. For some projects I actually like the look of small tears so it isn't always a bad thing!

3. Now take your iron and iron on the paper. I use no steam and I iron directly onto the paper. This achieves two objectives: 1) it dries out the paper; and 2) it flattens the paper so that it easier to use and still maintains the wrinkled look. Iron it until flat and dry.

crinkled leaf.jpg (30056 bytes)4. Now you can use your paper any way you can imagine! In this leaf card, I stamped the leaf on the wrinkled paper then cut it out and attached it to the card. I also ripped a small piece and stamped "Thanks" on to it. You can use the weathered paper for a border. Stamp designs on it and the list goes on. It's a really fun technique and easy to use. Have fun weathering your paper!




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