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Wipe & Swipe

Wipe and Swipe is a fun little tool that Close to My Heart offers. Essentially, it is a very dense sponge that can be used to create stripes, plaids, waves, grass or any fun design that you want to create. Itís a very fun technique to try. Hereís how!

Supplies Needed:

Wipe & Swipe sponges
Cardstock (glossy or regular)


1.       To load ink onto the wipe & Swipe, first, decide what pattern you want to make. For example, to make a wide rainbow stripe you want to add drops of reinker in a rainbow pattern along the long edge of the sponge. Before applying the ink, I personally like to get the sponge wet first. I find that it helps make the ink last longer and swipe smoother. I run it under a tap and squeeze out the excess water (you donít want it dripping). Apply the ink generously since one inking will create many designs. Leave a small space between different colors. If your wipe & swipe sponge starts to dry out, you use a spray bottle and spritz the ink; this will prolong the life of the ink, and give a softer look and lighter colors.

2.       Now you are ready to swipe! You can use either glossy or regular cardstocks. Place scrap paper larger than your project underneath your project. Start with your sponge on the scrap paper and swipe across your project, ending on the scrap paper again. This makes your swipe look smooth and even across the entire piece of paper. Avoid stopping mid-way across your project.

3.       Thatís all there is to it! The fun comes in using different color combinations, swiping motions etc. as you wipe the sponge across the page. Play around with different motions until you create a look you want.


Helpful Hints:

1.       Any surface of the Wipe & Swipe may be used, depending on the look you want. The short side makes small stripes and designs; the long side makes larger patterns.

2.       Apply ink slowly the first time you ink a new sponge to prevent the ink from beading on the surface of the sponge and dripping onto your artwork. While using the sponge, re-ink often to keep the color consistent.

3.       To create plaids, swipe in one direction across the paper and then move the paper 90 degrees and swipe again in the new direction. You can use multiple colors, combinations of thick and thin stripes etc to create the plaid look you like.

4.       To create grass, load some drops of reinker on to 1 corner of a wipe & swipe. Just swipe grass like stripes, overlapping them and making them curve to imitate a grassy look. I like to start at the bottom of the page and swipe up, but some people prefer to start at the top and work down. Whichever you prefer.

5.       To use the wipe & swipe to ink up a stamp in multiple colors, simply load ink on the wipe & swipe in your desired color pattern. Then wipe across an unlinked stamp. Then stamp!





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